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Leadership Foremen and Project Managers

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  • Hotell Öresund, Kungsgatan 9, Sofia Albertinas Plats 5 i Landskrona

Beskrivning av tjänsten

Course content Day 1 4 hours Focus on leading without being a boss Theory and practice about different personalities and how we see and understand each other based on differences and values. • Similarities-differences in personalities • Personality and values Group development theory - based on Susan Wheelan's theory IMGD • What is a group? How is a group formed? How does a group develop? Different types of leadership - linked to group development Susan Wheelan • How to lead a group without being a formal manager. Manager-leader difference. How to lead a group based on group development and setbacks. What mandate do I have as a supervisor? Communication • Different types of communication (conscious-unconscious communication, filters, symbols, body language, etc.) and how we can communicate more easily without misunderstandings. • Communication linked to group process • Master suppression techniques and when this can occur and how you as a leader should handle these. • Feedback and input between supervisors and employees in various forums Day 2 4 hours Focus on work management and organization of work. Employees - leadership - culture - organization • The workforce and the culture. Communication theory and leadership Conflict management Conflict management. Thomas Jordan's conflict theories about the causes of conflicts, constructive conflict management and how course participants feel about themselves based on the harmony-conflict view. Organization of daily work based on employee competence, structure in the work and practical parts such as planning meetings etc


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